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Masterclasses, Workshops, & Courses 

Balanced Musician Level II Training Graduates, Bogota Colombia

Balanced Musician offers lectures, masterclasses, courses, and other hands-on presentations tailored to the needs of your organization. Balanced Musician programs educate musicians on the causes and common patterns of misuse that limit peak performance and contribute to performance injury. We give participants tools to refine movement, relieve pain, reduce stress, decrease the likelihood of injury, balance alignment, free the breath, and unleash their best performance yet. Our programs include coaching with the instrument in a supportive environment. 

All Balanced Musician programs are suitable for musicians at any level of physical fitness or flexibility. For a listing of presentation highlights, click here.

Individual Appointments

Appointments are available through the Peabody Wellness Center (for students/faculty/staff) and by contacting us directly at 443.413.2126. 

Along with education on key aspects of performance that can contribute to fatigue, pain, and tension, clients receive valuable insights and instruction on how to increase awareness of their playing posture and playing habits, increase awareness of tension levels with the instrument and away from the instrument, and maintain healthier habits to reduce the risk of re-injury. At your request, we will coordinate with your physician or PT.

For students and pre-professionals, we are happy to work together with the student's instructor, with the client's permission. 

To schedule a presentation or initial appointment, contact us.

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